Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking "The Plunge"

Well...i decided to do the Etsy-thing! i am not selling as yet---but it just seemed like a good fit for me. i like the idea of it being a certain type of item allowed to sell (handmade, etc)...and i feel E-Bay is too much of a hassle. So i will still put up items here & keep my public (lol) informed and then just make a link to my Etsy shop...when i am ready!

i also received my order of business cards from VistaPrint---really nice! i am almost feeling like a business person! haha!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Time Selling was my first day sitting at a table selling my things. i was at a fundraiser for Rawhide Rescue. i made 2 sales & also have a couple people that will e-mail me an order. Altho' the venue did not have very many actual crafters (mostly flea market stuff) i was still happy i did this. It was a learning experience...i met many nice people...and i was glad to have people stop at my table & admire my work whether they bought something or not.

i am definitely going to make some business cards, and also i do think it's time for a selling website---maybe Etsy?