Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FALL'ing Behind!


i am so mad at myself for not keeping up with my blogs! Now that another new season has started i will be giving this another try! i MUST make time...especially if i want my art to be a business venture!

So...i am working on a Christmas themed donation to Rawhide Rescue's annual fund raiser. Here are the ornaments i painted:

i painted wooden dog shaped ornies to look like doggie Gingerbread cookies! i will add them to a small tree w/battery operated lights...probably will paint some sort of thing for the tree to set in...and then i have gingerbread themed dog toys to add around the tree! 

After this i simply MUST get crackin' on painting some things to sell...either at craft shows or online (i have an Etsy...but nothing is in it yet)...i need to add drastically to my inventory!

But even tho' i will be busy painting i will try to keep posting...even on my blog! Hoping people will check in!

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